Tiffany D. Kelly Consulting was founded by, Tiffany D. Williams (formerly Tiffany D. Kelly), the Healthy Lifestyle Coach. Tiffany D. Kelly Consulting was created to provide a different approach to health and wellness through customized workshops, programs, books, motivation, inspiration, and products that bring awareness and action towards making self-care a priority. Over the years Tiffany D. Kelly Consulting has provided life changing workshops and programs for participants at companies, retreats, conferences, churches, and other special events. The workshops and programs created dig beneath the surface to get to the root of what’s keeping one stuck and unable to achieve health and wellness success. Tiffany D. Kelly Consulting wants to help heal people’s mind, body, and soul. We want to not only change how people presently care for their health and wellness but we want to spark a lasting change that affects future generations!  

Our Vision

To create a world of people who have transformed their health and are living a life that is healthy, whole, and  free and able to create healthier families for generations to come.

Our Mission

To help people believe in their POWER to overcome challenges that keep them from living a life of wellness.

To provide workshops, create wellness programs, resources, tools, and events that support the health and wellness goals of each individual.

To create partnerships with other organizations that will support clients and their families with developing healthier lifestyles.


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