Lady of Power: 31 Mind, Body & Power Inspirations for Your Weight Loss Journey


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LADY OF POWER: 31 MIND, BODY AND POWER INSPIRATIONS FOR THE WEIGHT-LOSS JOURNEY is a rallying cry for women everywhere who are tired of the diet yo-yo and ready to let it go and live! Based upon GOD’s Holy Word, this uplifting book is divinely designed to help women forever escape the traps, trials and temptations of weight loss. Through words of wisdom and authentic clarity, Ms. Tiffany Kelly has authored a book that will impact women’s lives for years to come!

Tiffany Kelly, The Mind, Body & Power Coach, has long understood and lives what many are only just recognizing—the mind and the body must be one to actuate the power of GOD fully in our lives! Ms. Kelly’s triumphant 80 pound weight loss is a testament to the inspirations she’s crafted to motivate and inspire her and others to achieve their goals. From her rocking Manifesto to Focus to Body Power–every word written upon the pages of this book is filled with life-changing truth.

But the crowning glory, the greatest epiphany of all is: you are GOD’S greatest creation. HE gave you the gift of life. What are you going to do with it?


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