FitTeach is a division of Tiffany D. Kelly Consulting dedicated to helping educators stay healthy and fit throughout the school year and beyond!  Tiffany D. Kelly, owner and CEO, has been an educator for over eighteen years.  She has served in many capacities as an educator and has watched many educators forgo their own needs to serve the students of today and tomorrow’s future leaders.  

FitTeach provides educator wellness to schools and/or districts via

  • workshops
  • fitness classes
  • health and fitness events
  • online support
  • and so much more!   

We want to help educators stay healthy for life beyond the classroom.  Year after year educators sacrifice their health and fitness goals, time with family, friends, children, spouse, etc. to meet the hectic demands of insuring that achievement takes place for students.  If educators adopt healthy lifestyles it would reduce teacher burnout early in the school year, risks of life threatening diseases, medical costs, teachers falling ill on the job, teacher attrition rates, etc.  It’s time to help educators transform their lifestyle!

FitTeach now partners with schools, districts, and communities to help educators find balance and make their health and fitness goals a priority!

Tiffany herself, suffered many years with health issues due to lack of self-care.  At one time, she weighed over 260lbs, lived with high blood pressure, battled emotional eating and depression. But today, she lives a healthy and fit life.  She has lost over 80 pounds, no longer takes high blood pressure medications, and has discovered her power to keep her health and fitness goals at the forefront!

We have worked with many educators to help transform their lives and meet their health and fitness goals.  It is our mission to help educators across the globe make changes that will keep them mentally, physically, and spiritually fit to continue to educate the leaders of tomorrow.  We would love to bring our workshop(s) to your school, district, or community!

Here’s one of our most popular workshops!

“I’m All the Way Up!” :  Staying Healthy & Fit For Life Beyond the Classroom

Through a very candid talk Tiffany shares her journey as an educator from New York City to Atlanta, GA and her battle to remain healthy and fit beyond the classroom.  She talks about how her journey to losing over 80 lbs and the struggles of getting started and balancing a stellar career as an educator and why FiTTeach™ was created. In this workshop Tiffany shares strategies, tools, resources, and so much more to help educators bring balance to the hectic lifestyle of educators who give so much of themselves to insure students, our future leaders, achieve success.  She wants educators to realize that if they don’t make their health and fitness goals a priority, student achievement is at a major risk!  Be ready to make a lifestyle shift after this powerful workshop.

Created for educators by an educator!  Book Tiffany today!

Health and Blessings


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